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Allianz League Round Up

The National Hurling League is heating up with the final round of hurling group games taking place this weekend


Cork and Tipperary have been the form teams in Division 1 of the Allianz Hurling League, each winning all four games and guaranteed to enter the semi-finals as Group A and B winners.

Cork top Group A and will meet either Kilkenny or Waterford in the semi-final while Tipperary will play Limerick, Clare or Galway. Westmeath and Laois will meet in a relegation play-off.


Sunday: Limerick v Wexford, TUS Gaelic Grounds, 1.45; Westmeath v Galway, TEG Cusack Park, 1.45; Clare v Cork, Ennis, 1.45.

Cork (8 points) have reached the semi-finals with a game to spare, with Limerick best placed to take the second slot. They are on six points, followed by Galway and Clare on four each.

A win or draw for Limerick at home to Wexford would earn them a semi-final spot but if they lose and both Clare and Galway win, scoring difference will decide who joins Cork in the last four.

Westmeath, who came up from 2A this year, will face a relegation play-off with Laois.

Limerick beat Wexford by three points (1-11 to 0-11) in last year’s League. 

Cork beat Clare by 2-30 to 2-21 in last year’s League but the Banner gained revenge in the Munster championship, winning 0-28 to 2-20.

Galway beat Westmeath by 3-36 to 1-17 in last year’s Leinster championship and by 5-34 to 1-16 when they last met in the League two years ago.

Top Scorers

Aidan McCarthy (Clare)………….1-40 (25 frees, 0-1 ‘65’)

Killian Doyle (Westmeath)……….0-30 (22 frees, 1’65’)

Evan Niland (Galway)…………….0-30 (21 frees, 3 ’65s’)

Shane Kingston (Cork)……………1-22 (0-17 frees)

Tom Morrissey (Limerick)………..0-21 (7 frees)

Conor Cooney (Galway)………….0-17 (9 frees)

Micheál Houlihan (Limerick)…….0-16 (12 frees)

Ross Banville (Wexford)………….1-11 (9 frees, 2 ‘65s’)

Conor McDonald (Wexford)……..2-7

Ian Galvin (Clare)……………………2-7


Sunday: Waterford v Kilkenny, UPMC Nowlan Park, 1.45; Dublin v Laois, Parnell Park, 1.45; Antrim v Tipperary, Corrigan Park, 1.45

A large crowd is expected in Nowlan Park on Sunday for the Kilkenny v Waterford clash, which will decide who joins Tipperary in the semi-finals. Having won all four games to date, Tipperary are guaranteed a semi-final place, irrespective of how they fare against Antrim. There’s nothing at stake for Dublin and Laois in terms of qualification/relegation as the Dubs are in mid-table while Laois will finish bottom and face a relegation clash with Westmeath.

Kilkenny (6 points) v Waterford (5 points) will be very interesting as both sides are determined to take their case into the knock-out stages.

Kilkenny beat Waterford by six points (2-21 to 0-21) in last year’s League. Dublin beat Laois by 2-31 to 1-24 in last year’s League and by 1-20 to 2-15 in the Leinster championship. Tipperary beat Antrim by 7-28 to 1-17 in last year’s League.

Top Scorers
Donal Burke (Dublin)………………1-43 (22 frees, 1-0 pen, 2’65s’)

Billy Drennan (Kilkenny)………….1-42 (0-30 frees, 0-1 ‘65’)

Conal Cunning (Antrim)…………..1-35 (29 frees, 2 ’65s’)

Jason Forde (Tipperary)………….2-31 (0-16 frees, 0-2 ‘65s’, 0-1 s/l))

Stephen Maher (Laois)…………….0-24 (0-20 frees, 0-1 ‘65’)

Gearoid O’Connor (Tipperary)…..0-24 (16 frees, 2 ’65s’)

Stephen Bennett (Waterford)……2-15 (2-0 pens, 0-15 frees)

Jake Morris (Tipperary)……………5-5

Austin Gleeson (Waterford)……..0-15 (11 frees)

Martin Keoghan (Kilkenny)……….1-9

Keelan Molloy (Antrim)…………….2-6

Eoin Cody (Kilkenny)………………..2-6 (0-2 frees)


Sunday: Offaly v Kildare, Glenisk O’Connor Park, 1.0; Kerry v Down, Austin Stack Park, 1.0; Carlow v Derry, Netwatch Cullen Park, 1.0

Having both won their first four games, the clash of Offaly v Kildare will decide who advances directly to the final and who faces a semi-final test against Kerry.  Kildare and Offaly have been in great form, having each won their four games by an average of seven and six points respectively. Kerry (4pts) will take third place, irrespective of how they fare against Down (one points). Carlow (2 points) have already lost to Kerry so even if they beat Derry and the Kingdom lose to Down they would miss out for third place on the head-to-head result.


Sunday: Sligo v Wicklow, Markievicz Park, 1.0; London v Meath, McGovern Park, Ruislip, 1.0; Donegal v Tyrone, Letterkenny, 1.0

Having won all four games, Meath (8 points) are guaranteed a place in the final irrespective of how they fare against London. Wicklow (6pts), Tyrone and Donegal (4 points each) are in the mix to take a semi-final place. Wicklow and Sligo drew in last year’s League while Donegal and Tyrone last met in the League in 2020 when Donegal won by 11 points.


Saturday: Monaghan v Roscommon, Clontibret, 2.0; Louth v Mayo, Darver, 2.0; Armagh v Fermanagh, Keady, 2.0

It’s the tightest of all the divisions with only three points separating top (Monaghan 6 points) and bottom (Fermanagh, Mayo 3 points each). A draw for Monaghan against Roscommon (4 points) would be enough to earn them a place in the final.

Roscommon beat Monaghan by 12 points in last year’s League. Louth and Armagh (four points each) are also in contention for a knock-out place.


Saturday: Leitrim v Longford, Drumshanbo, 2.0; Lancashire v Warwickshire, Pairc na hEireann, 2.0

Cavan have completed their group programme, winning three of four games and guaranteeing them a place in the final. Longford and Leitrim will play in the semi-final.




Round 1: Galway 0-23 Wexford 0-15; Cork 2-17 Limerick 0-22; Clare 4-27 Westmeath 0-14.

Round 2: Limerick 1-27 Clare 2-18; Cork 4-24 Galway 3-22; Wexford 2-23 Westmeath 1-15.

Round 3: Cork 2-21 Westmeath 0-21; Clare 6-25 Wexford 1-18; Limerick 0-24.Galway 0-19.

Round 4:  Galway 1-24 Clare 0-22; Limerick 1-27 Westmeath 1-15; Cork 2-14 Wexford 0-18.

Round 5:  March 19:  Clare v Cork; Westmeath v Galway; Limerick v Wexford


Round 1:  Kilkenny 1-18 Antrim 0-15; Waterford 2-19 Dublin 3-16; Tipperary 2-32 Laois 0-18.

Round 2:  Waterford 2-31 Laois 2-19; Tipperary 2-24 Kilkenny 1-21; Dublin 0-28 Antrim 2-19.

Round 3:  Tipperary 2-23 Dublin 0-24; Waterford 1-22 Antrim 0-17; Kilkenny 0-34 Laois 1-18.

Round 4: Tipperary 4-23 Waterford 0-25; Antrim 3-18 Laois 1-18; Kilkenny 2-15 Dublin1-17.

Round 5: March 19: Antrim v Tipperary; Dublin v Laois; Waterford v Kilkenny.


Round 1: Offaly 0-21 Down 0-18; Kerry 2-22 Derry 0-14; Kildare 0-25 Carlow 0-11.

Round 2:  Kerry 0-18 Carlow 1-13; Kildare 1-17 Down 0-19; Offaly 0-33 Derry 1-15.

Round 3: Offaly 0-22 Kerry 1-18; Carlow 5-24 Down 1-19; Kildare 2-23 Derry 0-19.

Round 4: Down 0-23 Derry 1-20; Kildare 2-20 Kerry 0-21; Offaly 1-19 Carlow 1-12.

Round 5: March 19: Carlow v Derry; Kerry v Down; Offaly v Kildare.


Round 1: Donegal 1-16 Sligo 0-15; Tyrone 1-26 London 3-18; Meath 2-24 Wicklow 2-14.

Round 2:  Donegal 1-18 London 2-13; Wicklow 0-15 Tyrone 0-12; Meath 0-22 Sligo 1-13.

Round 3: Meath 1-23 Donegal 0-16; Wicklow 0-23 London 0-14; Tyrone 2-15 Sligo 0-11.

Round 4: London 5-16 Sligo 2-20; Meath 2-17 Tyrone 0-8; Wicklow 2-24 Donegal 0-11.

Round 5: March 19: Donegal v Tyrone; London v Meath; Sligo v Wicklow.


Round 1: Monaghan 2-13 Fermanagh 1-14; Roscommon 0-17Mayo 0-17 Armagh 3-18 Louth 1-16.

Round 2:  Fermanagh 2-18 Mayo 2-16 Louth 2-16 Roscommon 0-15; Monaghan 2-17 Armagh 0-22.

Round 3: Monaghan 1-19 Louth 1-15; Armagh 2-16 Mayo 0-21; Fermanagh 1-14 Roscommon 1-14.

Round 4: Roscommon 2-20 Armagh 0-6; Louth 0-19 Fermanagh 1-15; Mayo 5-25 Monaghan 0-13.

Round 5: March 18: Armagh v Fermanagh; Monaghan v Roscommon; Louth v Mayo.


Round 1:  Cavan 1-13 Longford 0-14; Leitrim 1-21 Warwickshire 3-6

Round 2: Cavan 2-20 Warwickshire 2-9; Leitrim 3-21 Lancashire 3-16.

Round 3:  Longford 2-10 Warwickshire 0-6; Lancashire 3-11 Cavan 0-14.

Round 4: Longford 0-18 Lancashire 0-10; Cavan 0-21 Leitrim 2-11.

Round 5: March 18: Lancashire v Warwickshire; Leitrim v Longford.

March 25/26: Division 1 semi-finals; Division 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B semi-final (one in each); Relegation play-offs.

April 1/2: Division 2A,2B,3A,3B finals.

April 8 or 9: Division 1 final


It’s Round 6 of the Allianz Football League and while most of the big decisions will be reached in the final round on the weekend after next, much clearer patterns will emerge after the action on next Saturday and Sunday. 

As of now, none of the promotion/relegation places are decided but that’s likely to change next weekend, especially in Divisions 2 and 3 where Derry and Cavan are very close to promotion.


Saturday: Armagh v Galway, Athletic Grounds, 5.0;  Kerry v Roscommon, Tralee, 7.30.

Sunday: Monaghan v Tyrone, Clones, 2.0; Donegal v Mayo, Ballybofey, 3.45

If other results go their way, Mayo (8 points) could reach the final on Sunday by beating Donegal. If they win and Roscommon and Galway (6 points each) lose or draw to Kerry and Armagh respectively, Kevin McStay’s men will qualify for the final, irrespective of how fare against Monaghan in the final round.

A win on Sunday would take Mayo to ten points, leaving Roscommon and/or Galway as the only other teams that can reach ten points.

Mayo are the only unbeaten team in the group and are also the top scorers, whereas Donegal (3 points) are bottom of the table and have the lowest scoring return. They drew with Mayo in last year’s League.

Galway (6 points) v Armagh (5 points) was one of the highlights of last year’s All-Ireland championship, with the Tribesmen winning a quarter-final on penalties (4-1) after the sides finished level at the end of extra-time. This will be the first League clash between the counties since 2016 when they drew (1-15 each) in Division 2. 

Only one point separates the bottom four (Kerry, Tyrone, Monaghan 4 points, Donegal 3 points). Kerry host Roscommon, who they beat by six points in their last League clash in 2021. Monaghan and Tyrone drew in last year’s League; Tyrone won in 2021; Monaghan won in 2020; Tyrone won in 2019; Monaghan won in 2018; Tyrone won in 2017.  That’s 3-2 wins to Tyrone, with one draw, underlining how close this rivalry has been.


Rian O’Neill (Armagh)…………..0-23 (13 frees, 4’45s’, 1 mark)

Ryan O’Donoghue (Mayo)…… 1-19 (15 frees, 1 mark)

Darren McCurry (Tyrone)………0-22 (16 frees, 1 mark)

Matthew Tierney (Galway)……..2-13 (0-5 frees, 0-01 ‘45’)

James Carr (Mayo)………………….3-7 (0-1 mark)

Diarmuid Murtagh (Roscommon)…1-13 (0-7 frees)


Saturday: Meath v Dublin, Pairc Tailteann, 3.0

Sunday: Derry v Clare, Owenbeg, 1.0;  Louth v  Cork, Ardee, 1.0; Limerick v Kildare, TUS Gaelic Grounds, 3.45.

Having lost only one (to Galway last year) of their last 17 League games in 2021-22-23, Derry are within touching distance of returning to Division 1 for the first time since 2015. A draw against Clare would be enough to guarantee promotion irrespective of other results or how they fared in the last round against Cork. They had two easy wins over Clare last year, winning the League clash by nine points (2-13 to 0-10) and the All-Ireland quarter-final by 14 points (5-13 to 2-8).

Having been in Division 2 since 2017, Clare (2 points) are in relegation trouble alongside Kildare (2 points) and Limerick (one point). Limerick, who changed manager last week, host the Lilywhites in what will be the first League clash between the counties  since 2016 when Kildare won a Division 3 game by a point. Kildare, who have won only three of their last twelve League games, have yet to score a goal after five rounds of this year’s competition.

Dublin (8pts) are second on the table and will be hoping to move closer to a promotion spot with a win over Meath (5 points).  They last met in the League in 2020 when Dublin won a Division game by 1-20 to 0-19. This will be the 36th League meeting between the sides, with Dublin leading 17-12, with six draw from the previous 35.

Meath’s last win over Dublin in League or Championship was in the Leinster semi-final in 2010.

Cork and Louth are both on six points. They last met in the League in 2020 when Cork won a Division 3 game by 5-19 to 0-16.


Shane McGuigan (Derry)……2-27 (0-14 frees, 1-0 pen, 0-1 mark)

Stephen Sherlock (Cork)…….0-24 (14 frees, 2’45s’)

Dean Rock (Dublin)……………1-20 (1-0 pen, 0-13 frees, 0-1 ‘45’)

Sam Mulroy (Louth)…………..0-19 (13frees, 1 mark)

Brian Hurley (Cork)……………1-16 (7 frees, 2 ‘marks’), 1 ‘45’)


Saturday: Antrim v Cavan, Corrigan Park, 2.0;  Fermanagh v Westmeath, Ederney, 6.0; Tipperary v Offaly, FBD Semple Stadium, 6.0; Down v Longford, Newry, 7.0

Having been promoted from Division 4 last season, Cavan are well-positioned to be promoted again after winning their first five games. A draw against Antrim would be enough to ensure they will be in Division 2 next year. Antrim (2 points) are in the relegation zone as they prepare for their first League clash with Cavan since 2013 (Division 3) when they won by  two points. Fermanagh (8pts) v Westmeath (6 pts) is second v third, giving it a crucial role in the promotion race.  They drew in last year’s League. 

Down (6 points) are also in the promotion hunt and will be hoping to stay there with a win over relegation-threatened Longford (one point). They last met in the League in 2020 when Down won by two points.

Offaly (six points), who were relegated from Division 2 last year, are still hopeful of a quick return to the higher group while Tipperary (one point), who came up from Division 4 this year, are in real danger of dropping back down. They last met Offaly in the League in 2021, losing by five points.


John Heslin (Westmeath)……3-29 (0-23 frees, 1-0 pen)

Paddy Lynch (Cavan)…………..2-20 (0-11 frees)

Jack Kennedy (Tipperary)… 0-21 (17 frees 1 ‘45’)

Pat Havern (Down)……………1-18 (0-10 frees, 0-1 mark)

Dylan Hyland (Offaly)………….0-18 (10 frees, 1’45’)

Andrew Gilmore (Down)…….1-15 (0-9 frees)

Sean Quigley (Fermanagh)…..3-9 (0-8 frees, 0-1 mark)


Saturday: Carlow v Sligo, Netwatch Cullen Park, 5.0; Waterford v London, Lemybrien, 5.0; Wexford v Wicklow, Chadwicks Wexford Park,7.0.

Sunday: Leitrim v Laois, Carrick-on-Shannon, 2.0

The battle for promotion is intense, with only three points separating the top six counties. Laois (8 points) lead the way on scoring difference from Sligo as they prepare to travel to Carrick–on-Shannon to take on Leitrim (6 points). 

It will be the first League meeting between the counties since 2018 when Laois won by six points.

Sligo (8 pts) beat Carlow (5 points) by 23 points in last year’s League. Wicklow (7 points) beat Wexford (5 points) by three points in their last League clash in 2020. Waterford v London is a bottom-of-the-table clash between two counties who have yet to win a game. London drew one while Waterford are the only county in any division without a point. London beat Waterford by a point in last year’s League.


Keith Beirne (Leitrim)…………..4-41 (0-24 frees, 0-1 ‘45’, 0-1 mark)

Darragh Foley (Carlow)………..0-33 (0-25 frees, 0-1 mark)

Mark Rossiter (Wexford)………1-28 (19 frees, 2 ‘45s’, 1 mark)

Paul Kingston (Laois)……………1-27 (0-12 frees)

Mark Barry (Laois)………………..2-17 (0-11 frees, 2-0 pens)

Sean Carrabine (Sligo)…………..0-23 (16 frees, 1 mark)



Round 1: Mayo 1-11 Galway 2-8; Donegal 0-13 Kerry 1-9; Roscommon 3-11 Tyrone 1-12;  Armagh 1-14 Monaghan 1-12.

Round 2: Kerry 3-16 Monaghan 0-14; Roscommon 0-9 Galway 0-8; Tyrone 0-16 Donegal 0-8; Armagh 0-17 Mayo 0-17.

Round 3: Mayo 2-14 Kerry 1-10; Galway 0-16 Tyrone 0-13; Monaghan 1-20 Donegal 0-15; Roscommon 1-12 Armagh 0-12.

Round 4: Kerry 0-12 Armagh 0-11; Mayo 4-10 Tyrone 0-12; Donegal 1-9 Galway 1-9; Monaghan 0-14 Roscommon 0-11.

Round 5:  Armagh 0-13 Donegal 0-10; Galway 1-13 Monaghan 0-10; Tyrone 1-15 Kerry 2-9; Mayo 1-16 Roscommon 2-11.

Round 6: March 18: Armagh v Galway; Kerry v Roscommon; March 19: Monaghan v Tyrone; Donegal v Mayo.

Round 7: March 26: Galway v Kerry; Roscommon v Donegal; Tyrone v Armagh; Mayo v Monaghan.


Round 1: Meath 3-14 Cork 0-19; Clare 0-13 Louth 1-9; Derry 0-16 Limerick 0-4; Dublin 1-11 Kildare 0-13.

Round 2: Meath 4-8 Clare 0-16; Cork 2-14 Kildare 0-7; Derry 2-11 Louth 1-11; Dublin 2-17 Limerick 1-11.

Round 3: Derry 2-15 Meath 1-7; Kildare 0-16 Clare 0-15; Louth 1-15 Limerick 1-13; Dublin 0-18 Cork 2-10.

Round 4: Dublin 0-16 Clare 1-12; Derry 2-15 Kildare 0-7; Louth 1-15 Meath 1-12; Cork 6-18 Limerick 0-12.

Round 5:  Derry 1-11 Dublin 0-13; Cork 3-10 Clare 1-8; Louth 2-11 Kildare 0-12; Limerick 0-17 Meath 2-11.

Round 6: March 18: Meath v Dublin; March 19: Derry v Clare; Louth v Cork; Limerick v Kildare.

Round 7: March 26: Clare v Limerick; Dublin v Louth; Kildare v Meath; Cork v Derry.


Round 1: Fermanagh 0-15 Longford 0-8; Down 2-11 Tipperary 1-11; Cavan 0-12 Westmeath 1-6; Offaly 2-12 Antrim 0-12.

Round 2: Down 2-18 Antrim 2-17; Cavan 1-19 Tipperary 1-7; Offaly 1-9 Fermanagh 1-8; Westmeath 4-16 Longford 0-9.

Round 3: Antrim 1-19 Tipperary 0-14; Fermanagh 2-14 Down 3-10; Cavan 1-19 Longford 0-11; Westmeath 2-12 Offaly 0-12.

Round 4: Fermanagh 2-13 Antrim 3-9; Down 1-10 Westmeath 0-11; Cavan 0-21 Offaly 0-14; Longford 0-14 Tipperary 1-11.

Round 5: Fermanagh 2-11 Tipperary 0-8; Cavan 2-14 Down 1-10; Westmeath 4-27 Antrim 0-8; Offaly 2-13 Longford 1-16.

Round 6: March 18: Antrim v Cavan; Down v Longford; Fermanagh v Westmeath; Tipperary v Offaly.

Round 7: March 26: Cavan v Fermanagh; Westmeath v Tipperary; Offaly v Down; Longford v Antrim.


Round 1: Wicklow 2-10 Carlow 2-10; Wexford 1-9 London 1-9;  Leitrim 3-18 Waterford 0-11; Laois 2-11 Sligo 0-11.

Round 2:  Carlow 1-11 Waterford 0-10; Leitrim 3-12 London 1-15; Sligo 0-18 Wicklow 0-12; Laois 1-18 Wexford 1-13.

Round 3: Wicklow 1-16 London 1-9; Sligo 0-21 Waterford 0-13; Laois 1-17 Carlow 2-8; Wexford 0-19 Leitrim 0-15;

Round 4:  Wicklow 2-12 Laois 2-10; Wexford 2-12 Waterford 1-6; Sligo 1-10 London 0-6; Leitrim 2-22 Carlow 0-13.

Round 5: Laois 2-13 Waterford 1-5; Carlow 0-13 London 0-9; Wicklow 0-15 Leitrim 1-9; Sligo 1-20 Wexford 3-8.

Round 6: March 18: Carlow v Sligo; Waterford v London; Wexford v Wicklow; March 19:  Leitrim v Laois.

Round 7: March 26: Wexford v Carlow; London v Laois; Waterford v Wicklow; Leitrim v Sligo

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