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Best speedster in hurling

Conor Lehane, Tony Kelly, Seamus Callanan? Who is the fastest hurler in the fastest field sport? Brought to you by

Conor Lehane, Tony Kelly, Seamus Callanan? Who is the fastest hurler in the fastest field sport? Shane Stapleton and Michael Verney discuss. Brought to you by

What became evident when researching this piece is that certain counties produce speed merchants.

Cork were top of that list, and it seems as though that has so often been the case with The Rebels.

If it wasn’t Ben and Jerry O’Connor, it was Tom Kenny, then Cathal Naughton came on the scene, with Conor Lehane and many more since.

This current crop also has Shane Kingston, Darragh Fitzgibbon and others at their disposal, and it begs the question as to why Cork have come up short in terms of winning All-Irelands since 2005.

Shane Stapleton and Michael Verney run through their panel, and a telling discussion point is that their most dangerous force would not necessarily be ranked among their speedsters: Patrick Horgan.

Waterford’s latest attacking talent, Dessie Hutchinson, spoke last year about how he was not considered lightning fast when living life as a Premier League football, but he seems to glide past defenders in the world of GAA.

His teammate, Austin Gleeson, may not be at the top end of the speedometer, but he certainly falls into the category of players who are hard to step once they get going.

Put several of the Limerick team into this same bracket, not to mention a few of those in Wexford colours.

Tipperary have the pace of Seamus Callanan, Cathal Barrett and the potential of Ger Browne, while Billy Ryan could add serious speed to Kilkenny as he continues to establish himself.

Colin Fennelly has both pace and power, making his hard to stop, while Padraig Walsh and Richie Leahy are also a sight when they go off to the races.

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