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Top 5 hurlers | McBrearty clincher | Red Hand falter | McGuinness return | Aussie injury | Aidan O’Mahony live

The lads discuss a bumper weekend of Gaelic games action on the Monday OurGame show — with Aidan O’Mahony as our guest

The lads discuss a bumper weekend of Gaelic games action on the Monday OurGame show.



Round 1: Mayo 1-11 Galway 2-8; Donegal 0-13 Kerry 1-9; Roscommon 3-11 Tyrone 1-12;  Armagh 1-14 Monaghan 1-12.

Round 2: February 5: Kerry v Monaghan; Galway v Roscommon; Tyrone v Donegal; Armagh v Mayo.

Round 3: February 18: Mayo v Kerry; February 19: Galway v Tyrone; Monaghan v Donegal; Roscommon v Armagh.

Round 4: February 25: Kerry v Armagh; Mayo v Tyrone; February 26: Donegal v Galway; Monaghan v Roscommon.

Round 5:  March 4: Armagh v Donegal: March 5: Galway v Monaghan; Tyrone v Kerry; Roscommon v Mayo.

Round 6: March 18: Armagh v Galway; Kerry v Roscommon; March 19: Monaghan v Tyrone; Donegal v Mayo.

Round 7: March 26: Galway v Kerry; Roscommon v Donegal; Tyrone v Armagh; Mayo v Monaghan.


Round 1: Meath 3-14 Cork 0-19; Clare 0-13 Louth 1-9; Derry 0-16 Limerick 0-4; Dublin 1-11 Kildare 0-13.

Round 2: February 5:  Meath v Clare; Kildare v Cork; Louth v Derry; Limerick v Dublin.

Round 3: February 18: Derry v Meath; February 19: Clare v Kildare; Louth v Limerick; Cork v Dublin.

Round 4: February 25: Dublin v Clare; February 26: Kildare v Derry; Meath v Louth; Cork v Limerick.

Round 5:  March 4: Derry v Dublin; March 5: Clare v Cork; Louth v Kildare; Limerick v Meath.

Round 6: March 18: Meath v Dublin; March 19: Derry v Clare; Louth v Cork; Limerick v Kildare.

Round 7: March 26: Clare v Limerick; Dublin v Louth; Kildare v Meath; Cork v Derry.


Round 1: Fermanagh 0-15 Longford 0-8; Down 2-11 Tipperary 1-11;  Cavan 0-12 Westmeath 0-6; Offaly 2-12 Antrim 0-12.

Round 2: February 4: Down v Antrim; February 5: Cavan v Tipperary; Offaly v Fermanagh; Longford v Westmeath.

Round 3: February 19: Fermanagh v Down; Cavan v Longford; Westmeath v Offaly; Tipperary v Antrim.

Round 4: February 25: Antrim v Fermanagh; Down v Westmeath; February 26:  Offaly v Cavan; Longford v Tipperary.

Round 5: March 5:  Fermanagh v Tipperary; Cavan v Down; Westmeath v Antrim; Longford v Offaly.

Round 6: March 18: Antrim v Cavan; Down v Longford; Fermanagh v Westmeath; Tipperary v Offaly.

Round 7: March 26: Cavan v Fermanagh; Westmeath v Tipperary; Offaly v Down; Longford v Antrim.


Round 1: Wicklow 2-10 Carlow 2-10; Wexford 1-9 London 1-9;  Leitrim 3-18 Waterford 0-11; Laois 2-11 Sligo 0-11.

Round 2: February 4: Waterford v Carlow; February 5:  London v Leitrim; Wicklow v Sligo; Laois v Wexford.

Round 3: February 18: Wicklow v London; February 19: Sligo v Waterford; Carlow v Laois; Wexford v Leitrim;

Round 4:  February 25: Laois v Wicklow; Waterford v Wexford; February 26:  London v Sligo; Leitrim v Carlow.

Round 5: March 4: Laois v Waterford; March 5: London v Carlow; Wicklow v Leitrim; Sligo v Wexford.

Round 6: March 18: Carlow v Sligo; Waterford v London; Wexford v Wicklow; March 19:  Leitrim v Laois.

Round 7: March 26: Wexford v Carlow; London v Laois; Waterford v Wicklow; Leitrim v Sligo

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