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Pick The Lock πŸ”’ week 1

Naoise Waldron presents a new show where OurGame takes on the viewers as we try to pick guaranteed winners (a lock!) each week.
Naoise, Shane and Michael will each pick their locks of the week, while the viewers will comment and ultimately vote to confirm their pick. We will keep a running scoreboard from week to week!

πŸ”’ What is a lock? This is picking one β€” and only one! β€” winning team or person to win an event this week.
πŸ”’ How to choose a lock: Pick a winner or, if they are strong favourites, you must pick this winner to cover the spread. Alternatively, you can pick the underdog to cover the spread as your lock.

❇️ Hurling/camogie/Gaelic football/rugby/NFL: you can pick a team to cover the spread.
Soccer: you can pick a team to cover the spread.
❇️ Other sports: we will introduce different sports depending on the week and what is topical, and decide the terms as required.

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