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‘We were very grateful for the support when we had it’ – John Kiely

Treaty boss knows that the boot is now on the other foot with rivals hunting them down as their season hangs in the balance

There are all kinds of unfounded rumours swirling around about the Limerick senior hurling panel and that type of scrutiny seems to come with being kingpins.

They were the loveable underdogs when landing their first All-Ireland SHC title in 45 years back in 2018 but most neutrals are now rooting for the opposition whenever they they take to the pitch against the Treaty.

That’s something which Limerick hurling boss John Kiely has gotten used to as they chase a famous All-Ireland four-in-a-row, and a fifth Munster crown in succession.

“That’s human nature, isn’t it? Of course it is. There is nothing surprising in that, it is just human nature.

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“We were very grateful for the support when we had it!” Kiely said recently.

Speaking at the launch of The Dillon Quirke Foundation fundraising drive, Kiely was keen to downplay the aura of invincibility around his side after arch rivals Clare lowered their colours last month.

That was their first championship defeat since the 2019 All-Ireland semi-final loss to Kilkenny and it leaves them facing a do-or-die Munster clash with Tipperary this Sunday to save their season.

“That aura mightn’t be necessarily held in the opposition camps. I don’t think that exists in the other camps.

“Every day you go to play a hurling match, nobody would play it if they didn’t think they were going to win it,” he said.

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“So every team that plays us I am sure believes that they are going to get a result.

“Munster championship is very competitive, extraordinarily competitive for every point you can get on the board.

“Our focus now is to see where the next two points are available and get ourselves ready for that.

“We will be doing everything in our power to earn those next two points.”

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Tipperary are on three points after two games; Limerick are on two points from two games.


  • 2022: Limerick 3-21 Tipperary 0-23 (Munster round robin)
  • 2021: Limerick 2-29 Tipperary 3-21 (Munster final)
  • 2020: Limerick 3-23 Tipperary 2-17 (Munster semi-final)
  • 2019: Limerick 2-26 Tipperary 2-14 (Munster final)
  • 2019: Tipperary 1-22 Limerick 0-21 (Munster ‘round robin)

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