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Clare’s saviour of 2013 — Domhnall O’Donovan interview

The Clonlara man takes us through his Banner career, his relationship with Davy Fitzgerald, and scoring that famous equaliser in the 2013 All-Ireland

Domhnall O’Donovan is currently living in Wisconson and talks about Trump’s America — he also takes us through his Banner career, his relationship with Davy Fitzgerald, scoring the equaliser to send the 2013 All-Ireland to a replay, and winning the big one.

Domhnall O’Donovan was the unlikeliest man to steal the headlines for the 2013 All-Ireland final.

In his head, he was fortunate to still be in the Clare team after his performance against Galway in the quarter-finals.

As he describes in this interview, Davy Fitzgerald backed him to regain his form for the semi-final against Limerick, and that was faith was repaid with a strong performance.

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In a thrilling All-Ireland final against Cork, one where momentum swung wildly between the Munster rivals, Patrick Horgan put the Rebels ahead with a virtuous score heading into injury time.

Moments later, Cork had a sideline and, instead of playing it into the corner, Stephen Moylan tried to score a point but sent it wide.”

“Why Patrick Kelly aimed the puckout for me is the question,” says O’Donovan. “There were probably a few better candidates.

“It was extraordinary. You’d love to relive it, but you can’t.

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“It’s something you’ll never really forget. It wasn’t me, it was a few others that didn’t give up as well.

“It was the whole team and there were moments where people had to get the ball, and it was composed play to get it to me. Teamwork and not giving up is what springs to mind.

“I was just hoping they hadn’t moved the goals but I didn’t get a chance to look at them. the whole thing went to fast that I can’t really remember.

“Nicky O’Connell gave me the ball and it happened so quickly that I didn’t remember it exactly, but I’m very fortunate that… I don’t think Clare were fortunate it was me, but I was very fortunate to do it.”

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