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DJ Carey on joining Brian Cody | once choosing football over hurling | Jim Gavin training session

Shane Stapleton spoke with the Kilkenny legend about a range of topics, including both hurling and football, and joining up with Brian Cody

Shane Stapleton spoke with Kilkenny legend DJ Carey about a range of topics, including both hurling and football, and joining up with Brian Cody.,

DJ Carey admits he didn’t initially take up the offer of joining Brian Cody’s backroom team.

The Gowran man, who won three of this five All-Ireland titles under the current boss, has most recently been involved with the Cats’ Under-20 hurling side.

He has had offers to manage other counties, but his passion for home meant he was never going to go elsewhere.

“I’ve had a few, it would be a bit unfair to name them but I would have had a few,” said Carey.

“At the end of the day, I’m a Kilkenny person, that’s my passion.

“I probably would have been asked for a few county teams in the past and I just felt that I would prefer to give my time to my own county, or club. That’s something I believe in.

“There’s no one can be more passionate than a person over where they are from.

“For me, and I’m talking about for me, if you have to go more than an hour to some place it wouldn’t be for me because it is taking away the passion I would have.”

“I would have been reluctant,” said Carey, of joining the set-up initially.

“My younger fella, Mikey, is on the panel and I have another fella who has ambitions, he’s a bit older.

“Now he didn’t have a good enough year with the club but he would have ambitions about being on the panel too so it is an awkward enough situation there but that wasn’t taken as an excuse so here I am.”

In the video at the top of the page, Carey speaks to OurGame about Cody, once choosing football over hurling, a Jim Gavin training session, and much more.

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