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Favourite hurling goals of all time

There’s little more thrilling in sport that seeing the net stretched by a ferociously struck sliotar. Here’s a collection of great goals in hurling history

Shane Stapleton runs through some of his favourite goals of all time.

If we’re honest, very few young boys or girls get into playing GAA because of some fantastic hook or blockdown they’ve seen.

Those are skills to be lauded and are crucial to our games, but beautiful scores will always capture our imaginations more — be you young or old.

Whether it’s brute-force power, some sleight of hand, fleet of foot, or some form of sorcery that had been unknown up until that moment, this is what draws us in.

We all have our favourites, and perhaps we’re not always able to explain fully why they are such.

Is it the sepia-tinged memory of the day? The tingles in the spine? The relief or the rush? Perhaps it’s awe or admiration of technique?

For whatever reason, certain scores are special to people for their own reasons.
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