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‘Galway are like Dublin, they can beat anyone on their day’ — Carey | Tactics board

Ciaran Carey and Jason Byrne join Shane to preview the All-Ireland SHC quarter-final clash between Tipperary and Galway

Ciaran Carey and Jason Byrne join Shane to preview the All-Ireland SHC quarter-final clash between Tipperary and Galway.

Ciaran Carey believes that Tipperary have the energy to burn off a seasoned Galway team at the Gaelic Grounds.

The old rivals meet in the All-Ireland SHC quarter-final stage in a double-header featuring Dublin v Clare, with a place in the semi-finals at stake.

“When you look at the weekend, the Tipp squad under Liam Cahill, the one thing I spotted at the start of the year is that seem a lot fitter, more sharp, and more hungry, and a lot of young guys,” says Carey.

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“Wheres Galway are slightly different, a team that’s very seasoned and on the go for the last number of years, so I think Cahill will be looking for joy on Saturday night. Especially if the weather is hot.

“All of that could go out the window but if Tipp stick to the blueprint up to now, I’d give them a great chance.

“But Galway are like Dublin, they can beat anyone on their day,” Carey adds.

There have been plenty of questions about the Tribe defence in recent times.

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Padraic Mannion has been relocated to the full-back in recent games to pick up Donal Burke and Eoin Cody, while six Daithi Burke and three Gearoid McInerney have been swapped in recent times.

“If Galway are going to jump the fence, these two guys are going to have to have a major performance on Saturday,” says Carey of McInnerney and Burke.

“Both of them can slot in six and three and do a particular job, but it’s Tipperary who will be looking for the space.

”They will be watching to see if Padraic Mannion does drop back a touch, to see ‘where can we hurt them?’

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“And if they are going to do that, then Galway will push Mannion out and you’re left with the issue again.

“Over their careers, those two guys are coming out with eight and nine out of ten performances all the time so you have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

“It’s knockout at this stage, so you’d be expecting when the pressure is on that the big guns usually come to the party.”

Limerick and Kilkenny will discover on Saturday who their All-Ireland semi-finals
opponents will be when the quarterfinals are played in TUS Gaelic Grounds, Limerick.

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It’s Clare v Dublin at 4.00pm and Galway v Tipperary at 6.15pm.

Galway arrive in the quarterfinals as Leinster runners-up (to Kilkenny) while Tipperary
finished third in Munster and clinched a place in the quarter-finals with a big win over
Offaly last Saturday.

Galway and Tipperary last met in the championship in 2020 when the Tribesmen won a quarter-final by two points.


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  • Galway 0-24 Wexford 2-12
  • Galway 1-25 Kilkenny 0-28
  • Galway 6-33 Westmeath 0-17
  • Galway 5-29 Antrim 1-22
  • Galway 1-25 Dublin 2-22
  • Kilkenny 4-21 Galway 2-26 (Leinster final)
    Played 6, Won 3, Drew 2, Lost 1.


  1. Evan Niland…………..0-60 (0-34 frees, 0-4‘65s’)
  2. Conor Whelan………..6-11
  3. Kevin Cooney…………..2-12
  4. Brian Concannon………2-11
  5. Conor Cooney……….0-10
  6. Declan McLoughlin…1-7


  • Tipperary 5-22 Clare 3-23
  • Cork 4-19 Tipperary 2-25
  • Tipperary 0-25 Limerick 0-25
  • Waterford 1-24 Tipperary 0-21
  • Tipperary 7-38 Offaly 3-18 (Preliminary All-Ireland quarter-final)
    Played 5, Won 2, Drew 2, Lost 1.


  1. Jason Forde…………….4-21 (0-13 frees, 1-1 s/l, 1-0 pen, 0-3 ‘65s’)
  2. Jake Morris…………….2-19
  3. Mark Kehoe……………4-12
  4. Gearoid O’Connor…..1-18 (0-14 frees)
  5. Noel McGrath…………0-15 (0-4 frees, 0-3 ‘65s’, 0-01 s/l)

Clare were runners-up (to Limerick) in Munster while Dublin finished third in Leinster and earned a place in the quarterfinal with a win over Joe McDonagh Cup champions Carlow last Saturday.

Clare and Dublin last met in the championship in 2012 when the Banner won a qualifier.


  1. Tipperary 5-22 Clare 3-23
  2. Clare 1-24 Limerick 2-20
  3. Clare 2-22 Waterford 0-16
  4. Clare 2-22 Cork 3-18
  5. Limerick 1-23 Clare 1-22 (Munster final)
    Played 5, Won 3, Lost 2


  1. Tony Kelly……………….2-28 (0-10 frees, 1-0 pen, 0-1 ‘65’)
  2. Aidan McCarthy………1-27 (0-15 frees, 0-3 ‘65s’)
  3. Mark Rodgers…………..3-6 (0-1 s/l)
  4. Shane O’Donnell……….0-8
  5. Ian Galvin…………………1-5


  • Antrim 1-19 Dublin 1-19
  • Dublin 2-23 Westmeath 1-14
  • Dublin 1-22 Wexford 0-23
  • Kilkenny 0-27 Dublin 0-21
  • Dublin 2-22 Galway 1-25
  • Dublin 2-25 Carlow 0-21 (Preliminary quarter-final)
    Played 6, Won 3, Drew 2, Lost 1


  1. Donal Burke………..2-59 (0-47 frees, 903 ‘65s’)
  2. Cian O’Sullivan……3-11 (0-1 free, 0-1 s/l)
  3. Danny Sutcliffe…….1-10
  4. Cian Boland………1-7
  5. Mark Grogan……..1-7
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