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“Well if you’re going to listen to Davy Fitz, he’s going to keep trying to blame Liam Cahill”

Monaleen manager and Tipp native Eoin Brislane was on Tippcast discussing the Waterford downturn with Shane Stapleton

Eoin Brislane was on Tippcast discussing the Waterford downturn with Shane Stapleton.

Eoin Brislane believes that Davy Fitzgerald’s tactics during the 2023 Munster SHC have been “madness”.

The Deise are out of contention having played three of their four games, with just a trip to Tipperary left on May 28.

Former Premier panellist and current Moneleen manager — the reigning All-Ireland club IHC champions — Brislane is asked where the blame lies for Waterford.

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“Well sure if you’re going to keep listening to Davy Fitz, he’s going to try to keep blaming (former manager) Liam Cahill for as long as possible, isn’t he?” he says.

“It’s ridiculous. I don’t know what’s going on down there. The whole county.

“If you’re comparing the likes of Clare and Waterford, Clare are on a serious bounce between minors, Under-20s and seniors.

“Waterford are the complete opposite and can’t win a game at any level — they’re in serious trouble and there’s a lot of bad press coming out there from their legends.

“I don’t know, I think Davy’s tactics were madness as well so he’s got them wrong, he’s got a few decisions badly wrong in a couple of games.

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“But I don’t know, is it the players’ attitudes, is it the expectations? I don’t know what it is — you’d have to be closer to the camp to see.

“But when you look at them on paper, they’re no that bad.

“It’s hard to figure out because we’ve seen these players perform so well against Limerick, when Limerick were in their pomp they were the only team able to really put it up to them.

“But maybe it has its toll, maybe they’re three or four key players… Austin Gleeson looks to be a man that is totally spent.

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“A couple of the Bennetts are missing but (Stephen)… they don’t seem to be fit, that’s the other thing.

“Jamie Barron, he was a major engine in the middle of the field, is the energy gone from him, do you know what I mean?

“So these boys might not have won a whole pile, but they have a lot of miles on the clock so it’s interesting.”

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